Show Your Love and Support for NHS Staff - Nurse, Doctors, Admin, ALL!

Our NHS staff whatever role they play, medical or administrative is part of that magnificent machine and deserves our recognition and support at this horrible time. Here's how the public are showing the NHS they support and appreciate them during this difficult time. Clapping at 8.00pm on Thursdays is now a National act of support for this great British institution. People have been reduced to tears due to the unified clapping sounds echoing across the nation. Children posting images of rainbows in windows and on social media is being done across the world as a show of hope and positivity. In the UK they're been shared with NHS Coronavirus Hospital the Nightingale via social media hashtag  #RainbowsForNightingale. They ask that you don't send them via post. The government called up the public to volunteer to help deliver services and were overwhelmed with the response. Supermarkets and stores have arranged for priority shopping hours and special ID card

Retirement Gift Ideas For Nurses

up to 50% off  Nurse Gifts, Cards and Accessories Get That Retiring Nurse a Gift, Stat!  By Gina Mahony Chances are if there is a retiring nurse in your family or circle of friends, you know how difficult it is for them to come to terms with their retirement. Think about it. These people swore to spend their lives helping the ill, console those in need, and assisting physicians in their work. They work tirelessly to make us feel better. For the short (or extended) time you are in the hospital, they go above and beyond to ensure your comfort and very rarely do they receive the thanks they deserve. From what I've seen, once a nurse, always a nurse. Retired nurses still want to do their part, and friends and loved ones still look to them for guidance when it comes to health and wellness matters. So if you do know a nurse who happens to be retiring, why not show them how much you appreciate all that they've done over the years? You can't go wrong with a gift of

Thank You gift Ideas For Nurses

up to 50% off  Nurse Gifts, Cards and Accessories Thank a Special Nurse With a Meaningful Gift Ideas By Gina Mahony Nurses! We appreciate you! Gifts chosen for individual professions are meaningful and thoughtful. Profession gifts normally point out traits and qualities sometimes through humor or thoughtful sentiments. If looking for a special nurse gift idea, you will find a large number of "profession" type gifts relating to nurses, nursing, RN's, and LPN's. When thinking about a special nurse, something that naturally comes to mind is that a nurse is someone that is caring, has patience, shows compassion and devotion to his or her work. Many people search for nurse gifts to thank a special nurse, to congratulate someone graduating from nursing school, or even to thank a retiring nurse for years of service and dedication. Many people search for nurse gifts for Nurses Day. National Nurses Day is always celebrated on May 6th and ends on May 12th,

Unique Gift Ideas for Nurses - Practical and Fun

Up to 50% off  Nurse Gifts, Cards and Accessories Great Nurse Gifts By Karen Rodgers If you are shopping for someone who works as a nurse, you should consider buying them great nurse gifts. Gifts that emphasize a person's nursing career tell them how much you appreciate what they do for other people and they're sure to love the gesture. You'll find a range of great gift ideas for nurses online or at specialty stores. Whether you are buying for a male or female nurse, you'll find a wide range of gifts including jewelry, desk accessories, clothing, and books. You can choose from practical or just plain fun gifts for any nurse that you know. In fact, you'll probably have trouble choosing between all the available gifts out there. Some of the more popular nurse gifts include t-shirts or other clothing with sayings on them about nurses or nursing. You'll find simple designs that identify the wearer as a nurse or apparel that includes funny sayings or car
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